Lake Lindsey Equestrian Center
Brooksville, Florida
Lake Lindsey Equestrian Center, Inc.
21151 Lake Lindsey Road
Brooksville, FL 34601
(352) 799-5258 or (727) 798-5870
Most of our students take riding lessons on a weekly basis, but those interested
in competing in local shows frequently come out several times each week to
practice. We have several wonderful horses available for lessons, to service
students of varying skill levels. Our instructors have been training youngsters
and mature riders for many years. We stress to young horse lovers that there is
much more to horsemanship than riding. Riders learn to care for these grand
animals, groom them, feed them, clean their stalls and tack, and learn how to
safely handle them in various situations. Our older students frequently volunteer
their time at the barn, so that they can learn more of these important skills while
enjoying the company of their friends.

The safety of our riders and horses is our primary concern. Therefore we require
all riders under age 18 to wear appropriate helmets and riding boots. We offer
western, english, hunter/jumper and dressage riding lessons for all levels, from
beginner to advanced. Beginner lessons include some time for grooming and
learning to saddle the horse.
It's been said that "Horses raise great kids". We have found this to be true at Lake
Lindsey Equestrian Center. Horses bring out the best in our youngsters and even
in our adult riders. It is amazing to see how much regular horseback riding can
help a person overcome shyness, develop self-confidence and learn patience and
perseverance. Children naturally develop very important leadership skills and
self-esteem while learning to communicate effectively with their horse. Riders
learn that they must treat their horse with kindness, patience and respect. They
begin to realize that skills are learned gradually, through constant practice and
consistency. The sense of accomplishment felt by riders once they reach personal
milestones builds self-confidence that carries over into all aspects of life.