Lake Lindsey Equestrian Center
Brooksville, Florida
Gustavo specializes in jumping and classical dressage, training both horse and rider. He
has been training for over thirteen years and has competed at advanced levels. He has
trained and shown horses from green to advanced levels in the United States and in
Europe. He has been teaching our 14-year old daughter and in just a few months has
built up her confidence and skills to where she is now consistently jumping 2 to 3 foot
jumps SAFELY. As parents, the safety of our child is our primary concern. We know that
accidents can always happen, but if we're going to allow our child to jump, we're going to
make sure that she will first have the correct skills, and that her horse is also receiving
the proper training. Gustavo has been providing both.

Gustavo studied at the equestrian school Meredith Manor and has extensive knowledge
in riding theory and horse behavior. He trained in clinics with British grand prix jumping
riders Nick Skelton and Tim Stockdale. He spend a year riding for the "World Famous
Lipizzaner Stallion Show".
(That's Gustavo there on the first horse in the first picture on
the left.) Gustavo is available to instruct intermediate to advanced students in improving
their dressage, jumping and equitation skills. He is also available to train your horse here
at our farm.
Trina is simply wonderful with horses. She has practiced natural horsemanship for
many years, and has extensively studied the methods of Pat and Linda Parelli, John
and Clinton Anderson. Trina recommends that her students also study from
these greats. We apply natural horsemanship methods with all of our horses here at
Lake Lindsey Equestrian Center, and highly recommend to our students and boarders
that they join the Parelli Savvy Club, which is an affordable way to learn more about
natural horse behavior. Trina has helped many of our boarders learn more about the
natural behavior of their horses, so that they can form a closer relationship and bond.
She is great in teaching young and old alike, and her goal is to make all of her lessons
interesting and versatile, while teaching good horsemanship skills to her students.
Trina is available to give lessons to our beginner and intermediate students and those
wishing to learn more about western riding. Trina is truly a horse whisperer.